Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3 Year Anniversary!!!!

Hello again!!

I apologize for the delay in posting to my blog but I have been under the weather (trying to recover from a car accident).  Thankfully, I had sisterlocks and did not have to worry about my hair!!! :)

April 15, 2015 was my 3rd year anniversary.  I am so happy!!  Best decision EVER!!!!   I literally do NOTHING to my hair.  While I am driving, I can feel it on my back because it is growing so fast.... so happy!! :)

I have been experimenting with putting my hair in a bun, especially with the hot weather.  I took some pics for the hairstyle I wore at my sister's wedding.

Enjoy the pics!!

Take care and be safe! :)

Pics I took for my sister's wedding... different hairstyle. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

2 Year Sisterlock Anniversary

Hello all!!

I cannot believe that on 4/15/2014, my sisterlocks will be two years old!!  I look back and I cannot believe how fast time has passed!!  I am glad that I took pictures to see how much my sisterlocks have changed in two years. By the way, I found some old pics of when I actually got my sisterlocks done.  Thank goodness for the transition because I was looking quite differently!! LOL

My daughter wanted to take some pics to help celebrate my sisterlocs.  Her sisterlocks are so beautiful!!   I will try to take more pics on Wednesday (anniversary day).  Enjoy the pics today!! :)

Pic taken 6/1/2012

Pics taken 6/3/2012

Pics taken 4/13/2014

Sunday, December 15, 2013

12/15/2013 Update

Hello all,

Well, my SLs are still the love of my life. :)  I'm still experiencing a few slippage in the back, but all in all, they are coming along great.  My daughter and mom have also gotten SLs LOL.  My daughter has about 500.  I am not sure how many my mom has.

Anyhow, Merry Christmas and have a prosperous and blessed 2014!!

Brandi and her SLs

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Overdue Update... Again

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting new pics.  Nothing much as changed except my hair is growing as is the love. :)  Enjoy the pic, which was taken at work on Wednesday, 11/27/2013.  I was overdue for a pic, so this is a quick pic.  I plan to take more soon and more often!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Overdue Update

Hello All,

Wow, time flies when you do not have to worry about your hair!! LOL  OK, here is an update:

  • Last month, I stopped braiding and branding.  My loctician, Lakia, said that my SLs were matured.  So of course I asked: Can I stop braiding and banding?  I received the OK, let's see how my SLs react and thankfully, they were OK!!!  I am so happy!!!  When I had my retight last week, my hair was still holding well.  Now don't get me wrong, if I want a wavy look, I will braid my hair.  But it so freeing to know that if I want to do a quick wash because my hair is sweating from the heat, I can!!

  • I stopped taking the biotin because my hair was growing TOO fast!! (As if that is a bad complaint!!) Don't get me wrong, my hair is still growing but not to the point where I'm panicking and calling  Lakia sooner than my already scheduled four week appointment because I need an urgent retight.

  • Last month, I changed my hair style!!  Yes, I wanted to do something adventurous.  LOL  I brought pipe cleaners and rolled my hair.  Verdict:  I liked the style.  The first couple of days, the curls were REALLY tight.  But as the week progressed and the humidity got to my hair, the curls started dropping... BEAUTIFULLY!!  I forgot to take pics "but" I am going to Florida next week and plan to have the pipe cleaner style for the trip.  So, I will take pics as soon as my hair dries and "try to remember" to take pics each day so you can how the curls look.  Now if I go swimming... LOL
Enjoy this month's pics.  Take care & be blessed!!

P.S.  These pics were taken 7/12/2013.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Hello Everyone!!

OMG!!  April 16, 2013 marked my one year anniversary!!  I am so happy!!!  Last week, I had a retightening session and my loctician (Lakia in Waldorf, MD) said that I am officially locked!!!  Talk about excited!!  It's been a long journey and there have been ups and downs (more ups than downs): slippage and ends unraveling "but" me and my 450 babies have persevered.

By the way, my mom loves my SLs so much, she is getting some!!  I will keep you updated.

Below, are updated pics.  Enjoy and I shall you again in about 2-3 mos.

Also, these pics were taken on 4/24/2013.  (I forgot to timestamp the pics.)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Update as of 1/1/2013

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday.  My family and I had a great time! Love spending time with family.

As promised, are pics of my SLs as of today. (I am also uploading some other pics I took but did not have time to upload.) I cannot believe that August was my last blog entry "and" I cannot believe that on 1/15/2013, my SLs will be 9 months old!!  Time is flying pass quickly!! And guess what:  I LOVE ALL 450 OF MY BABIES!!  It is so refreshing to get up and go.  I fall in love with my SLs each and every day.  People stop me just to talk about my SLs.  They are amazed and confused (because they think they are braids).  Last night, a lady asked me how long would it take to take them out?  I said these are permanent (at least for me) and I have no intention of taking them out!!  I began to tell her my SL story and she was in awe... :)  I tell people that if you can get through the installation, the rest is easy street!!  But you have to be mentally prepared to sit, and sit, and sit...

On 12/20/2012, I had a retightening, which took almost 4 hours (normally it takes about 3 hours).  I had ALOT of slippage because I started working out and apparently my babies do not like sweat! :)  My loctician suggested that I continue to work out but braid my hair and wear a shower cap in the shower.  You know, braid and band... I am going to have to make that work some kind of way in the gym!! LOL

I continue to take Biotin and Hair, Nails, and Skin, which you can get from Walmart or any vitamin store. 

My youngest got SLs on October 14, 2012 and it took 24 hours, with approx. 500 little babies.  She loves them and so do I!!  They look so good on her.  Hopefully, she'll let me take some pics and post! :)

Enjoy the pics.  I am now gearing up my SLs journey for 2013!!  Stay tuned!! :)

Pics taken 1/1/2013



Pics taken 11/24/2012 after braid and band. I LOVE this look!!

Pics taken 9/26/2012